Welcome the 13th Engineering Interactive Computing Systems (EICS) conference.

EICS 2021 is the thirteen international conference devoted to engineering usable and effective interactive computing systems. Work presented at EICS covers the full range of aspects that come into play when "engineering" interactive systems, such as innovations in the design, development, deployment, verification and validation of interactive systems.

The conference focuses on models, languages, notations, methods, techniques and tools that support designing and developing interactive systems. The Conference brings together people who study or practice the engineering of interactive systems, drawing from HCI, Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Conceptual Modelling, CSCW, Ubiquitous / Pervasive Systems.

The conference proceedings are published by the ACM and appear in the ACM Digital Library.
EICS 2021 Best Paper Award is sponsored by ACM Europe. ACM European Best Paper Awards goal is to recognizing authors of outstanding technical contributions to ACM conferences taking place in Europe. Each of the authors of the best paper receives a plaque. In addition, there is a 1,000-euro honorarium to be split among the co-authors. The recipient's paper is provided online through the ACM Europe Council Awards page.

EICS 2021 Best Paper Award

EMBody: A Data-Centric Toolkit for EMG-Based Interface Prototyping and Experimentation
Jakob Karolus, Francisco Kiss, Caroline Eckerth, Nicolas Viot, Felix Bachmann, Albrecht Schmidt, Paweł W. Woźniak

Honorable Mention EICS 2021

Task Modelling for Interactive System Design: A Survey of Historical Trends, Gaps and Future Needs
Judy Bowen, Anke Dittmar, and Benjamin Weyers

2021 Theme - Designing and Engineering for Transitions

Current technological trends like the IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence, are often seen as enablers and accelerators for transitions that individuals and society as a whole need to make, in order to address challenges in areas such as healthcare, mobility, and the environment. Designing and developing related solutions necessitate a close interplay of engineering and design. Advances in this field thus require a balanced consideration of corresponding research perspectives. The need emerges for tools, processes, methods, and guidelines for designing and engineering interactive systems that will support weaving computing, intelligence, and interactivity to everyday things, that will enable designers to effectively and efficiently deploy prototypes in realistic contexts and scale and to learn from actual use.


Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Modelling and analysis of interaction and interactive systems
  • Processes for engineering interactive systems (e.g., design, implementation, prototyping, evaluation, verification and validation, testing)
  • Integrating interaction design into the software development process
  • Requirements engineering for interactive systems
  • Specification of interactive systems (methods, principles and tools)
  • Software architectures for interactive systems
  • Frameworks, toolkits, and APIs for interactive systems (e.g., API usability, interaction-driven API design)
  • Domain-specific languages for interactive systems
  • Formal methods within interactive systems engineering
  • Modelling and analysis of users’ activities
  • Engineering innovative interactive applications (e.g., adaptive, tangible, touch and multitouch input, voice, gesture, EEG, multimodal input, mobile and wearable systems)
  • Engineering hardware/software integration in interactive systems (e.g., fabrication and maker processes, physical computing, etc.)
  • Engineering user experience (e.g., fun, affective)
  • Engineering complex interactive systems (e.g., large datasets, large communities, enterprise systems, collaborative systems)
  • Engineering interactive systems for various user categories (e.g., children, elderly, people with disabilities)
  • Certification issues of interactive systems
  • New datasets and evaluation data relevant for engineering interactive systems

Submissions Information

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More information about the new PACM-HCI (EICS series) review and publication process can be found at http://eics.acm.org/pacm.

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Important Dates - EICS PACM 2021 Round 3

  • 19/02/2021 - Submission deadline
  • 16/04/2021 - Notifications of reviews
  • 02/05/2021 – Camera ready

Important Dates - EICS PACM 2021 Round 2

  • 23/10/2020 - Submission deadline
  • 15/01/2021 - Camera ready

Important Dates - EICS PACM 2021 Round 1

  • 23/07/2020 - Submission deadline
  • 07/09/2020 - Notifications of reviews
  • 02/10/2020 - Camera ready

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