Doctoral Consortium


EICS includes a Doctoral Consortium, which provides an opportunity for Doctoral students to explore and develop their research interests in an interdisciplinary workshop, under the guidance of a panel of distinguished research faculty. In order to ensure high-quality feedback to the participants, acceptance to the Consortium will be competitive and limited to a maximum of 10 doctoral candidates. Accepted participants will gather with their peers and distinguished HCI researchers in a collegial atmosphere that fosters the exchange of ideas and experiences throughout the conference.

The Doctoral Consortium will take place on 14 July, prior to the main technical program, in Wean Hall room 4623.

Accepted participants

The EICS organizational committee is pleased to announce that the following doctoral candidates have been accepted to take part in the Doctoral Consortium:

  • George Vellis, Technological Education Institution of Crete, Greece. Model-Based Development of Synchronous Collaborative User Interfaces.
  • Dimitrios Kotsalis, Technological Education Institution of Crete, Greece. Managing Non-Native Widgets in Model-Based UI Engineering.
  • Elspeth Golden, Carnegie Mellon University, USA. Helping Software Architects Design For Usability.
  • Dominik Ertl, Vienna University of Technology, Austria. Semi-Automatic Multimodal User Interface Generation.
  • Kenia Sousa, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium. Model-Driven Approach for User Interface Business Alignment.
  • Nathalie Aquino, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain. Adding Flexibility in the Model-Driven Engineering of User Interfaces.
  • Hildeberto Mendonça, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium. High Level Data Fusion on a Multimodal Interactive Application Platform.

Instructions to authors

Each Doctoral Consortium submission should consist of a single PDF document that contains:

  • A 4-page scientific paper describing the thesis work by clearly specifying:
    • Originality of the work with respect to current concepts and techniques
    • Importance of the work with respect to fundamental issues and themes in EICS
    • Results to date and their validity
    • Contribution of the work (expected and/or achieved) to EICS.
  • The author’s curriculum vitæ (CV).

The important dates and submission instructions for a Doctoral Consortium submission are the same as for general EICS submissions; see the submissions page. The final camera-ready copy will include only the paper and not the CV. All accepted papers will appear in the ACM SIGCHI proceedings of EICS 2009 and will be included in the ACM Digital Library.

At the conference

All accepted participants are expected to attend the Doctoral Consortium on July 14th, 2009, including a group dinner in the evening. Each student will present his or her work to the group with substantial time allowed for discussion and questions by participating researchers and other students. Students will also present a poster of their work at the main conference. Poster board panels are 250 cm tall by 100 cm wide (98” high by 39” wide). Posters must be printed portrait style and will be hung with molding clay.