Keynote speakers


EICS 2009 will feature keynote presentations from distinguished researchers Brad Myers and Frank Maurer on topics directly relevant to the program’s theme. Abstracts of their talks are available by following the links below.

Brad A. Myers, Carnegie Mellon University: Engineering More Natural Interactive Programming Systems

Frank Maurer, University of Calgary: Agile Methods and Interaction Design — Friend or Foe?


Note: Full paper presentations are allocated 20–25 minutes plus 5–10 minutes for questions, thirty minutes in total. Late Breaking Results papers are allocated 10 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions.

Program at a glance

Tuesday 14 July

Wednesday 15 July

  • Keynote and main technical program. 9 am to 6 pm, Giant Eagle Auditorium, Baker Hall.
  • Welcome reception.

Thursday 16 July

  • Main technical program. 9 am to 6 pm, Giant Eagle Auditorium, Baker Hall.
  • Conference banquet. 7:30 pm, The Church Brew Works.

Friday 17 July

  • Keynote and main technical program. 9 am to 5 pm, Giant Eagle Auditorium, Baker Hall.

Wed 15 July

9h00 Opening
9h15 Keynote: Brad Myers • Engineering More Natural Interactive Programming Systems. Session chair: Philip Gray, University of Glasgow
10h15 Break
10h45 Interactive Systems Architectures 1. Session chair: Philippe Palanque, University of Toulouse
  A Responsibility-Based Pattern Language for Usability-Supporting Architectural Patterns • Bonnie John, Carnegie Mellon University; Len Bass, Software Engineering Institute; Elspeth Golden, Carnegie Mellon University; and Pia Stoll, ABB Corporate Research
  StateStream: A Developer-Centric Approach Towards Unifying Interaction Models and Architecture • Gerwin de Haan and Frits Post, Delft University of Technology
  Ontology-based Modularization of User Interfaces • Heiko Paulheim, SAP Research CEC Darmstadt
  Flexible and Efficient Platform Modeling for Distributed Interactive Systems • Xiao Feng Qiu and T.C. Nicholas Graham, Queen’s University
12h15 Lunch
13h45 Evaluation Tools. Session chair: Peter Forbrig, University of Rostock
  Interaction Engineering Using the IVY Tool • José Campos, University of Minho; Michael Harrison, Newcastle University
  Interactive Usability Instrumentation • Scott Bateman, Carl Gutwin, Nathaniel Osgood and Gordon McCalla, University of Saskatchewan
  TnToolkit: A Design and Analysis Tool for Ambiguous, QWERTY, and On-Screen Keypads • Steven J. Castellucci and I. Scott MacKenzie, York University
  A GOMSL Analysis of Semi-Automated Data Entry • Craig Haimson, MITRE; Justin Grossman, United States Department of Defense
15h15 Break
15h45 Tutorial 1
  Bridging the Gulf between Interaction Engineering and Human Reliability Assessment • Michael Harrison, Newcastle University
16h45 Break
17h00 Support for Interactive System Engineering. Session chair: Len Bass, Carnegie Mellon University
  A Toolkit for Peer-to-Peer Distributed User Interfaces: Concepts, Implementation, and Applications • Jérémie Melchior, Donatien Grolaux, Jean Vanderdonckt and Peter Van Roy, Université catholique de Louvain
  An Infrastructure for Experience Centered Agile Prototyping of Ambient Intelligence • José L. Silva and José C. Campos, University of Minho; Michael Harrison, Newcastle University
  Support for Authoring Service Front-Ends • Fabio Paternò, Carmen Santoro, and Lucio Davide Spano, CNR-ISTI
18h00 Finish
TBC Welcome reception

Thu 16 July

9h00 Modelling Interaction. Session chair: Marco Winckler, University of Toulouse
  Social Network Analysis and Interactive Device Design Analysis • Harold Thimbleby and Patrick Oladimeji, Swansea University
  A Bisimulation-Based Approach to the Analysis of Human-Computer Interaction • Sébastien Combéfis and Charles Pecheur, Université catholique de Louvain
  Task-Based Design Revisited • Anke Dittmar and Peter Forbrig, University of Rostock
  Engineering Crowd Interaction Within Smart Environments • Michael Harrison, Newcastle University; Mieke Massink and Diego Latella, ISTI, CNR
10h30 Break
11h00 Engineering Mobile & Ubiquitous Systems. Session chair: Fabio Paternò, CNR-ISTI
  AUGUR: Providing Context-Aware Interaction Support • Melanie Hartmann and Daniel Schreiber, TU Darmstadt
  FRAP: A Framework for Pervasive Games • Jan-Peter Tutzschke, IBM Deutschland; Olaf Zukunft, HAW Hamburg
  Adapting Ubicomp Software and its Evaluation • Malcolm Hall, Marek Bell, Alistair Morrison, Stuart Reeves, Scott Sherwood and Matthew Chalmers, University of Glasgow
  Plug-and-Design: Embracing Mobile Devices as Part of the Design Environment • Jan Meskens, Kris Luyten and Karin Coninx, Hasselt University
12h30 Lunch
14h00 Tutorial 2
  The Future of Design Specification and Verification of Safety Critical Interactive Systems. Can our systems be SURE (Safe, Usable, Reliable and Evolvable)? • Philippe Palanque & David Navarre, IHCS-IRIT, Université de Toulouse, France
15h00 Interactive Systems Architectures 2. Session chair: Gaëlle Calvary, University of Grenoble
  Toward User Interface Virtualization: Legacy Applications and Innovative Interaction Systems • Guillaume Besacier, LIMSI and LRI; Frédéric Vernier, LIMSI
  Edit, Inspect and Connect your Surroundings: A Reference Framework for Meta-UIs • Geert Vanderhulst, Hasselt University; Daniel Schreiber, TU Darmstadt; Kris Luyten, Hasselt University; Max Muhlhauser, TU Darmstadt; Karin Coninx, Hasselt University
16h00 Break
16h30 Evaluation in Action. Session chair: Jean Vanderdonckt, Université catholique de Louvain
  How Usable are Operational Digital Libraries – A Usability Evaluation of System Interactions • Xiangmin Zhang and Jingjing Liu, Rutgers University; Yuelin Li, University of Southern Mississippi; Ying Zhang, UC Irvine
  The Tradeoff between Spatial Jitter and Latency in Pointing Tasks • Andriy Pavlovych and Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, York University
  Input Evaluation of an Eye-Gaze-Guided Interface: Kalman Filter vs. Velocity Threshold Eye Movement Identification • Do Hyong Koh, Sandeep Munikrishne Gowda and Oleg Komogortsev, Texas State University-San Marcos
  An Empirical Comparison of “Wiimote” Gun Attachments for Pointing Tasks • Victoria McArthur, Steven J. Castellucci and I. Scott MacKenzie, York University
18h00 Finish
19h30 Conference Banquet, The Church Brew Works

Fri 17 July

9h00 Keynote: Frank Maurer • Agile Methods and Interaction Design — Friend or Foe? Session chair: Nick Graham, Queen’s University
10h00 Break
10h30 Improving Interaction Engineering. Session chair: Michael Harrisson, Newcastle University
  A Formal Approach Supporting the Comparative Predictive Assessment of the Interruption-Tolerance of Interactive Systems • Philippe Palanque, Marco Winckler and Jean-François Ladry, University Toulouse 3; Maurice H. ter Beek, Giorgio P. Faconti and Mieke Massink, IST-CNR
  Contributing to Safety and Due Diligence in Safety-Critical Interactive Systems Development by Generating and Analyzing Finite State Models • Harold Thimbleby, Swansea University
  Usability Recommendations in the Design of Mixed Interactive Systems • Syrine Charfi and Emmanuel Dubois, IRIT; Dominique L. Scapin, INRIA
  User Evaluation of OIDE: A Rapid Prototyping Platform for Multimodal Interaction • Marilyn McGee-Lennon, Andrew Ramsay, David McGookin and Philip Gray, University of Glasgow
12h00 Lunch
13h30 Tutorial 3
  The Future of Mobile and Context-Aware Interactive Systems • Gaëlle Calvary and Alexandre Demeure, University of Grenoble, France
14h30 Dynamic Generation of Interactive Systems. Session chair: Daniel Schreiber, TU Darmstadt
  An Open Source Workbench for Prototyping Multimodal Interactions Based on Off-The-Shelf Heterogeneous Components • Jean-Yves L. Lawson, Université catholique de Louvain; Ahmad-Amr Al-Akkad, Fraunhofer FIT; Jean Vanderdonckt and Benoit Macq, Université catholique de Louvain
  Personalizing Graphical User Interfaces on Flexible Widget Layout • Takuto Yanagida and Hidetoshi Nonaka, Hokkaido University
15h30 Break
15h45 Interactive Systems Architectures 3. Session chair: Rick Kazman, Carnegie Mellon University
  GT/SD: Performance and Simplicity in a Groupware Toolkit • Brian de Alwis and Carl Gutwin, University of Saskatchewan; Saul Greenberg, University of Calgary
  Fiia: User-Centered Development of Adaptive Groupware Systems • Christopher Wolfe and T.C. Nicholas Graham, Queen’s University; W. Greg Phillips, Royal Military College of Canada; Banani Roy, Queen’s University
16h45 Close
17h00 Finish


Adding Fleibility in the Model-Driven Engineering of User Interfaces • Nathalie Aquino, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
MoLIC Designer: Towards Computational Support to HCI Design with MoLIC • Ugo Braga and Simone Barbosa, PUC-Rio
Initial Evaluation of a Bare-Hand Interaction Technique for Large Displays using a Webcam • Kelvin Cheng, NICTA & ViSLAB; Masahiro Takatsuka, The University of Sydney
Task-Based Design Revisited • Anke Dittmar and Peter Forbrig, University of Rostock
Semi-Automatic Multimodal User Interface Generation • Dominik Ertl, Vienna University of Technology
Helping Software Architects Design For Usability • Elspeth Golden, Carnegie Mellon University
A GOMSL Analysis of Semi-Automated Data Entry • Craig Haimson, MITRE; Justin Grossman, United States Department of Defense
Managing Non-Native Widgets in Model-Based UI Engineering • Dimitrios Kotsalis, Technological Education Institution of Crete, Greece
A Framework for Runtime Evaluation, Selection and Creation of Interaction Objects • Tony McBryan and Philip Gray, University of Glasgow
High Level Data Fusion on a Multimodal Interactive Application Platform • Hildeberto Mendonça, Université catholique de Louvain
MundoMonkey: Customizing Interaction with Web Applications in Interactive Spaces • Daniel Schreiber, Melanie Hartmann and Max Mühlhäuser, TU Darmstadt
Model-Driven Approach for User Interface Business Alignment • Kenia Sousa, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium
Model-Based Development of Synchronous Collaborative User Interfaces • George Vellis, Technological Education Institution of Crete
A Study of GUI Representation Based on BIFS for Enhanced Mobile TV • Hyun-Jeong Yim and Soon-Bum Lim, Sookmyung Women’s University; Yoon-Chul Choy, Yonsei University