ACM SIGCHI Symposium on
Engineering Interactive Computing Systems 

Berlin, Germany - June 19-23, 2010   

Late Breaking Results

Digisketch: Taming Anoto Technology on LCDs
Ramon Hofer and Anreas Kunz

Developing Usability Studies via Formal Models of Uis
Judy Bowen and Steve Reeves

How assessing Plasticity design choices can improve UI quality: a case study
Audrey Serna, Gaelle Calvary and Dominique Scapin

Collaboratively Maintaining Semantic Consistency of Heterogeneous Concepts towards a Common Concept Set
Jingzhi Guo, Iok Ham Lam, Chun Chan and Guangyi Xiao

Using Ensembles of Decision Trees to Automate Repetitive Tasks in Web Applications
Zachary Bray and Per Ola Kristensson

Feasible Database Querying Using a Visual End-User Approach
Clemente Rafael Borges Perdomo and José Antonio Macías Iglesias

The GUISurfer tool: towards a language independent approach to reverse engineering GUI code
João Silva, Carlos Silva, Rui Gonçalo; João Saraiva and José C. Campos

Magellan: an evolutionary system to foster user interface design creativity
Dimitri Masson, Alexandre Demeure and Gaelle Calvary

Letras: An Architecture and Framework For Ubiquitous Pen-and-Paper Interaction
Felix Heinrichs, Jürgen Steimle, Daniel Schreiber and Max Mühlhäuser

Virtual Collaborative Environments with Distributed Multitouch Support
Oscar Ardaiz, Ernesto Arroyo, Valeria Righi, Oriol Galimany and Josep Blat

Exploiting Web Service Annotations in Model-based User Interface Development
Fabio Paternò, Carmen Santoro and Lucio Davide Spano

WebWOZ: A Wizard of Oz prototyping framework
Stephan Schlögl, Gavin Doherty, Nikiforos Karamanis and Saturnino Luz

An Editor for building Self-Explanatory User Interfaces by Model-Driven Engineering
Alfonso García Frey

Adapting Existing Applications to Support New Interaction Technologies: Technical and Usability Issues
Darren Andreychuk, Yaser Ghanam and Frank Maurer

Semantic Awareness through Computer Vision
Sami Benzaid and Prasun Dewan

Service Discovery Supported by Task Models
Kyriakos Kritikos and Fabio Paternò

Design Pattern TRABING: Touchscreen-based Input Technique for People Affected by Intention Tremor
Alexander Mertens

Model-driven GUI & Interaction Design
Annika Hinze, Judy Bowen, Yuting Wang and Robi Malik

Using the Mobile Application EDDY for Gathering User Information in the Requirement Analysis
Stephan Hammer, Karin Leichtenstern and Elisabeth André

History-based Device Graphical User-Interfaces
Olufisayo Omojokun and Prasun Dewan

Bridging the Gap: Empowering Use Cases with Task Models
Daniel Sinnig, Rabeb Mizouni and Ferhat Khendek

UsabML: Formalising the Exchange of Usability Findings
Johannes Feiner, Keith Andrews and Elmar Krajnc

Last update: October 10, 2010