ACM SIGCHI Symposium on
Engineering Interactive Computing Systems 

Berlin, Germany - June 19-23, 2010   

Doctoral Consortium

Interactive Model Driven Graphical User Interface Generation
David Raneburger

Influence of 3D Virtual Worlds on Expectations in 2D E-Commerce Environments
Minh Tran

Integrating End-user Support and Negotiations to Specify Requirements for Context-based Adaptations in a Collaboration Environment
Syed Sajid Hussain

The Fluid Software Metadata Framework (FSM)
Johannes Feiner

A Model- and Pattern-based Approach for Development of User Interfaces of Interactive Systems
Jürgen Engel

Self-Explanatory User Interfaces by Model-Driven Engineering
Alfonso García Frey

The Triad-based Design of Rich User Interfaces for internet applications
Francisco Martinez-Ruiz

Toward an Evolutionary Framework for Agile Requirements Elicitation
Sandra Kelly

UI Generation from Task, Domain and User models: the DB-USE Approach
Vi Tran

DOM Tree Estimation and Computation: Overview of a new Web content adaptation system
Jérémy Lardon, Christophe Gravier and Jacques Fayolle

Last update: October 10, 2010