The fourth ACM SIGCHI Symposium on

Engineering Interactive Computing Systems

IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark, June 25–28, 2012

Posters and Demonstrations


GAMBIT: Addressing Multi-platform Collaborative Sketching with HTML5
Ugo Sangiorgi and Jean Vanderdonckt (Université catholique de Louvain)
UsiComp: an Extensible Model-Driven Composer
Alfonso García Frey, Eric Céret, Sophie Dupuy-Chessa (University of Grenoble), Gaëlle Calvary (Grenoble Institute of Technology) and Yoann Gabillon (University of Lille Nord de France)
The Design and Architecture of ReticularSpaces – an Activity-Based Computing Framework for Distributed and Collaborative SmartSpaces
Jakob Bardram, Steven Houben, Søren Nielsen and Sofiane Gueddana, (IT-University of Copenhagen)


Software architecture for interactive robot teleoperation
Nader Cheaib, Mouna Essabbah, Christophe Domingues and Samir Otmane (IBISC Laboratory)
A transformation engine for model-driven UI generation
Roman Popp, Jürgen Falb, David Raneburger and Hermann Kaindl (Vienna University of Technology)
A formal specification for Casanova, a Language for Computer Games
Giuseppe Maggiore, Alvise Spanò, Renzo Orsini, Michele Bugliesi, Mohamed Abbadi and Enrico Steffinlongo (Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia)
Tag-Exercise Creator: Towards end-user development for tangible interaction in rehabilitation training
Ananda Hochstenbach-Waelen, Annick Timmermans, Henk Seelen (Adelante Centre of Expertise in Rehabilitation and Audiology), Daniel Tetteroo and Panos Markopoulos (Eindhoven University of Technology)
User Interface Master Detail Pattern on Android
Nguyen Thanh-Diane (Université catholique de Louvain)

Doctoral Consortium Posters

A Pattern-based Approach to Support the Design of Multi-Platform User Interfaces of Information Systems
Nguyen Thanh-Diane (Université catholique de Louvain)
Addressing Multi-platform Collaborative Sketching
Ugo Sangiorgi (Université catholique de Louvain)
Industrial Playgrounds. How Gamification Helps to Enrich Work for Elderly or Impaired Persons in Production
Oliver Korn (University of Applied Sciences Esslingen)
Differential Formal Analysis: Evaluating safer 5-key number entry user interface designs
Abigail Cauchi (Swansea University)
Integrating Usability Engineering in the Software Development Lifecycle Based on International Standards
Holger Fischer (University of Paderborn)
Reverse Engineering of GWT Applications
Carlos Eduardo Silva (University of Minho)
Towards Safer Number Entry in Interactive Medical Systems
Patrick Oladimeji (Swansea University)