The sixth ACM SIGCHI Symposium on

Engineering Interactive
Computing Systems

CNR Rome, Italy, June 17-20, 2014  
EICS '14- Proceedings of the 2014 ACM SIGCHI symposium on Engineering interactive computing systems

EICS '14- Proceedings of the 2014 ACM SIGCHI symposium on Engineering interactive computing systems

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SESSION: Keynote I

Making the web more inclusive with adaptive user interfaces

  • Krzysztof Z. Gajos

SESSION: Adaptation session

Dynamically adapting an AI game engine based on players' eye movements and strategies

  • Stefanie Wetzel
  • Katharina Spiel
  • Sven Bertel

What should adaptivity mean to interactive software programmers?

  • Mathieu Magnaudet
  • Stéphane Chatty

Updating database schemas without breaking the UI: modeling using cognitive semantic categories

  • Evangelos Kapros
  • Simon McGinnes

Towards a multi-stakehoder engineering approach with adaptive modelling environments

  • Alfonso García Frey
  • Jean-Sébastien Sottet
  • Alain Vagner

Design space for focus+context navigation in web forms

  • Johannes Harms
  • Christoph Wimmer
  • Karin Kappel
  • Thomas Grechenig

SESSION: Frameworks for cross-device interaction session

A framework for the development of multi-display environment applications supporting interactive real-time portals

  • Chi Tai Dang
  • Elisabeth André

User interface distribution in multi-device and multi-user environments with dynamically migrating engines

  • Luca Frosini
  • Fabio Paternò

XDKinect: development framework for cross-device interaction using kinect

  • Michael Nebeling
  • Elena Teunissen
  • Maria Husmann
  • Moira C. Norrie

SESSION: Collaborative environments session

Interaction design patterns for coherent and re-usable shape specifications of human-robot collaboration

  • Tina Mioch
  • Wietse Ledegang
  • Rosie Paulissen
  • Mark A. Neerincx
  • Jurriaan van Diggelen

Multi-models-based engineering of collaborative systems: application to collision avoidance operations for spacecraft

  • Célia Martinie
  • Eric Barboni
  • David Navarre
  • Philippe Palanque
  • Racim Fahssi
  • Erwann Poupart
  • Eliane Cubero-Castan

SESSION: Doctoral consortium report

The EICS 2014 doctoral consortium

  • Laurence Nigay
  • Kris Luyten

SESSION: Multimodal and web applications session

A domain-specific textual language for rapid prototyping of multimodal interactive systems

  • Fredy Cuenca
  • Jan Van den Bergh
  • Kris Luyten
  • Karin Coninx

Metadata type system: integrate presentation, data models and extraction to enable exploratory browsing interfaces

  • Yin Qu
  • Andruid Kerne
  • Nic Lupfer
  • Rhema Linder
  • Ajit Jain

Towards a behavior-oriented specification and testing language for multimodal applications

  • Marc Hesenius
  • Tobias Griebe
  • Volker Gruhn

WiFi proximity detection in mobile web applications

  • Clemens Nylandsted Klokmose
  • Matthias Korn
  • Henrik Blunck

SESSION: Model-based UIs session

Model-driven tools for medical device selection

  • Judy Bowen
  • Annika Hinze
  • Selina Reid

Predicting task execution times by deriving enhanced cognitive models from user interface development models

  • Michael Quade
  • Marc Halbrügge
  • Klaus-Peter Engelbrecht
  • Sahin Albayrak
  • Sebastian Möller

Considering task pre-conditions in model-based user interface design and generation

  • Marco Manca
  • Fabio Paternò
  • Carmen Santoro
  • Lucio Davide Spano

Generating code skeletons for individual media elements in model-driven development of interactive systems

  • Andreas Pleuss

A domain-specific model-based design approach for end-user developers

  • Anke Dittmar
  • Mathias Kühn
  • Peter Forbrig

Consolidating diverse user profiles based on the profile models of adaptive systems

  • Effie Karuzaki
  • Anthony Savidis

SESSION: Touch and gesture-based UIs session

Formal modelling of dynamic instantiation of input devices and interaction techniques: application to multi-touch interactions

  • Arnaud Hamon
  • Philippe Palanque
  • Martin Cronel
  • Raphaël André
  • Eric Barboni
  • David Navarre

A gestural concrete user interface in MARIA

  • Lucio Davide Spano
  • Fabio Paternò
  • Gianni Fenu

SESSION: Demo session

Location based experience design for mobile augmented reality

  • Anton Fedosov
  • Stefan Misslinger

AME: an adaptive modelling environment as a collaborative modelling tool

  • Alfonso García Frey
  • Jean-Sébastien Sottet
  • Alain Vagner

Metadata enriched visualization of keywords in context

  • Daniel Fischl
  • Arno Scharl

IceTT: a responsive visualization for task models

  • Lucio Davide Spano
  • Gianni Fenu

ESSAVis++: an interactive 2Dplus3D visual environment to help engineers in understanding the safety aspects of embedded systems

  • Ragaad AlTarawneh
  • Jens Bauer
  • Shah Rukh Humayoun
  • Achim Ebert
  • Peter Liggesmeyer

SESSION: Late breaking results session

Implementing widgets using sifteo cubes for visual modelling on tangible user interfaces

  • Yves Rangoni
  • Valérie Maquil
  • Eric Tobias
  • Eric Ras

LoMAK: a framework for generating locative media apps from KML files

  • Trien V. Do
  • Keith Cheverst
  • Ian Gregory

The frameSoC software architecture for multiple-view trace data analysis

  • Generoso Pagano
  • Vania Marangozova-Martin

PLACID: a planner for dynamically composing user interfaces services

  • Yoann Gabillon
  • Gaelle Calvary
  • Humbert Fiorino

Phone proxies: effortless content sharing between smartphones and interactive surfaces

  • Alexander Bazo
  • Florian Echtler

Formal verification of UL using the power of a recent tool suite

  • Raquel Oliveira
  • Sophie Dupuy-Chessa
  • Gaelle Calvary


Mindless or mindful technology?

  • Yvonne Rogers

SESSION: Analytic techniques session

Triangulating empirical and analytic techniques for improving number entry user interfaces

  • Abigail Cauchi
  • Patrick Oladimeji
  • Gerrit Niezen
  • Harry Thimbleby

SESSION: Prototyping and development frameworks session

Extracting behavioral information from electronic storyboards

  • Jason B. Forsyth
  • Tom L. Martin

Supporting design, prototyping, and evaluation of public display systems

  • Morin Ostkamp
  • Christian Kray

SecSpace: prototyping usable privacy and security for mixed reality collaborative environments

  • Derek Reilly
  • Mohamad Salimian
  • Bonnie MacKay
  • Niels Mathiasen
  • W. Keith Edwards
  • Juliano Franz

Towards a measurement framework for tools' ceiling and threshold

  • Rui Alves
  • Claudio Teixeira
  • Monica Nascimento
  • Amanda Marinho
  • Nuno Jardim Nunes

Presenting EveWorks, a framework for daily life event detection

  • Bruno Cardoso
  • Teresa Romão

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop summaries

Engineering interactive systems with SCXML

  • Dirk Schnelle-Walka
  • Stefan Radomski
  • Torbjörn Lager
  • Jim Barnett
  • Deborah Dahl
  • Max Mühlhäuser

Engineering gestures for multimodal user interfaces

  • Florian Echtler
  • Dietrich Kammer
  • Davy Vanacken
  • Lode Hoste
  • Beat Signer

HCI engineering: charting the way towards methods and tools for advanced interactive systems

  • Juergen Ziegler
  • Jose Creissac Campos
  • Laurence Nigay
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