Accessibility at EICS 2021

EICS is committed to providing an inclusive environment and we will do our best to accommodate requests for special assistance. This FAQ briefly describes the accessibility features of EICS 2021, to help you make an informed decision about whether the conference will be accessible to you.

Please contact us if your question is not answered here, or if the conference arrangements as described are not enough to allow you to attend.

We will work with you to the best of our ability, to make the conference accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions about attending EICS 2021

1.How do I communicate accessibility needs to EICS 2021 organizers?

The Accessibility Chair for EICS 2021 is Rosalinde Kennis, whose goal is to ensure the conference is accessible to everyone. When you register for the conference, there will be a registration question labeled "Do you have a disability or special need which requires our awareness?". In your response, please indicate any accessibility needs.

The Accessibility Chair will follow up with you to clarify your needs. You can contact them directly at any time by emailing

2.Will sign language interpretation or captioning be available?

If you are in need of sign language interpretation or captioning, please make your request as early as possible. Our Accessibility Chair will follow up with you to discuss your needs in more detail.

3.Who do I ask if my question is not answered here?

Please contact Rosalinde Kennis to discuss your specific needs.

If there is specific accessibility information you would like to see here, or if you wish to discuss any conference accessibility requirements, please contact our her by email:, and she will respond to you shortly.


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