The fifth ACM SIGCHI Symposium on

Engineering Interactive Computing Systems

City University London, UK, June 24–27, 2013

Long Papers

Improving Software Effort Estimation with Human-Centric Models: A Comparison of UCP and iUCP Accuracy
Rui Alves (Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute), Pedro Valente (University of Madeira), Nuno Nunes (University of Madeira)
Verification of Interactive Software for Medical Devices: PCA Infusion Pumps and FDA Regulation as an Example
Paolo Masci (Queen Mary University of London), Anaheed Ayoub (University of Pennsylvania), Paul Curzon (Queen Mary University of London), Michael Harrison (Queen Mary University of London), Insup Lee (University of Pennsylvania), Oleg Sokolsky (University of Pennsylvania), Harold Thimbleby (University of Swansea)
RBUIS: Simplifying Enterprise Application User Interfaces through Engineering Role-Based Adaptive Behavior
Pierre Akiki (The Open University, Milton Keynes), Arosha Bandara (The Open University, Milton Keynes), Yijun Yu (The Open University, Milton Keynes),
A Constructive Approach for Design Space Exploration
Anke Dittmar (University of Rostock), Stefan Piehler (University of Rostock)
Validating an Episodic UX Model on Online Shopping Decision Making: A Survey Study with B2C e-Commerce
Abdullah Al Sokkar (University of Leicester), Effie Law (University of Leicester)
Modelling Safety Properties of Interactive Medical Systems
Judy Bowen (University of Waikato), Steve Reeves (University of Waikato)
Interactive Prototyping of Tabletop and Surface Applications
Tulio de Souza Alcantara (University of Calgary), Jennifer Ferreira (University of Calgary), Frank Maurer (University of Calgary)
Model-driven Development and Evolution of Customized User Interfaces
Andreas Pleuss (University of Limerick), Stefan Wollny (University of Augsburg), Goetz Botterweck (University of Limerick)
IOWAState: Implementation Models and Design Patterns for Identity-Aware User Interfaces Based on State Machines
Yann Laurillau (University of Grenoble)
CrowdStudy: Extensible Toolkit for Crowdsourced Evaluation of Web Interfaces
Michael Nebeling (ETH Zurich), Maximilian Speicher (ETH Zurich), Moira Norrie (ETH Zurich)
Formal Description of Multi-Touch Interactions
Hammon Arnaud (University of Toulouse), Philippe Palanque (University of Toulouse), José Luís Silva (University of Toulouse), Yannick Deleris (Airbus), David Navarre (University of Toulouse)
The ACCESS Framework: A Technical Framework for Adaptive Accessibility Support
Michael Heron (Canterbury Christ Church University), Vicki Hanson (University of Dundee), Ian Ricketts (University of Dundee)
Hardware-in-the-Loop-Based Evaluation Platform for Automotive Instrument Cluster Development (EPIC)
Sebastian Osswald (TUM CREATE Ltd.), Pratik Sheth (TUM CREATE Ltd.), Manfred Tscheligi (University of Salzburg)
Toward Rapid and Iterative Development of Tangible, Collaborative, Distributed User Interfaces
Chris Branton (Louisiana State University), Brygg Ullmer (Louisiana State University), Andre Wiggins (Louisiana State University), Landon Rogge (Louisiana State University), Stephen David Beck (Louisiana State University), Alex Reeser (Louisiana State University)
CrowdAdapt: Enabling Crowdsourced Adaptation of Web Sites for Individual Viewing Conditions and Preferences
Michael Nebeling (ETH Zurich), Maximilian Speicher (ETH Zurich), Moira Norrie (ETH Zurich)
Echo: The Editor’s Wisdom with the Elegance of a Magazine
Joshua Hailpern (HP Labs), Bernardo Huberman (HP Labs)
Insights into Mobile User Interfaces by an Automatic Analysis of Android Apps
Alireza Sahami (University of Stuttgart), Niels Henze (University of Stuttgart), Robin Goldberg (University of Stuttgart), Benjamin Schmidt (University of Stuttgart), Hansjörg Schmauder (University of Stuttgart), Albrecht Schmidt (University of Stuttgart)
A Declarative and Compositional Framework for Multiplatform Gesture Definition
Lucio Davide Spano (University of Cagliari), Antonio Cisternino (University of Pisa), Fabio Paternò (CNR-ISTI)
Modeling Complex Activities in Operations and Command Centers
Robert Biddle (Carleton University), Judith Brown (Carleton University), steven greenspan (CA Technologies)
Designing Disambiguation Techniques For Pointing in the Physical World
William Delamare (Université Joseph Fourier Grenoble 1), Céline Coutrix (Université Joseph Fourier Grenoble 1), Laurence Nigay (Université Joseph Fourier Grenoble 1)