The fifth ACM SIGCHI Symposium on

Engineering Interactive Computing Systems

City University London, UK, June 24–27, 2013

Tutorial: Creativity on a Shoestring – Concept Generating in Agile Development

The tutorial is free of charge for all workshop and doctoral consortium participants.

Format: evening

Tutorial Objectives: The aims of the tutorial are:

  1. Make participants aware of the limitations of current agile development techniques for the delivery of innovative software;
  2. Give participants knowledge of how to select user epics and stories most likely to give rise to creativity and innovation in agile projects;
  3. Give participants hand-on experiences with selected creativity techniques adapted for use in agile development projects.


18.00 short introduction to creativity and past uses of creativity in requirements engineering projects
18.15 critique of current agile development approaches and their lack of support for, as well as barriers to, creative work
18.30 hands-on practice with up to eight selected creativity techniques applied to a different software-based problem
20:45 period of reflection and an exploration of which techniques the participants make carry forward in their work.
21.00 close