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Round 1

Choreobot: A Reference Framework and Online Visual Dashboard for Supporting the Design of Intelligible Robotic Systems.
Bram van Deurzen, Herman Bruyninckx, Kris Luyten

EdgeXAR: A 6-DoF Camera Multi-target Interaction Framework for MAR with User-friendly Latency Compensation.
Wenxiao Zhang, Farshid Hassani, Hao-Fei Cheng, Tristan Braud, Pengyuan Zhou, Lik Hang Lee, Pan Hui

Engineers, Aware! Commercial Tools Disagree on Social Media Sentiment.
Soon-Gyo Jung, Joni Salminen, Bernard J Jansen

FortClash: Predicting and Mediating Unintended Behavior in Home Automation.
Sven Coppers, Davy Vanacken, Kris Luyten

Software Engineering for Augmented Reality - A Research Agenda.
Ingo Börsting, Markus Heikamp, Marc Hesenius, Wilhelm Koop, Volker Gruhn

Solids on Soli: Millimetre-Wave Radar Sensing through Materials.
Klen Čopič Pucihar, Nuwan T Attygalle Famnit, Matjaž Kljun, Christian Sandor, Luis A. Leiva

UsyBus: A Communication Framework among Reusable Agents integrating Eye-Tracking in Interactive Applications.
Francis Jambon, Jean Vanderdonckt

µV : An Articulation, Rotation, Scaling, and Translation Invariant (ARST) Multi-stroke Gesture Recognizer.
Nathan Magrofuoco, Paolo Roselli, Jean Vanderdonckt

Round 2

Designing Guided User Tasks in VR Embodied Experiences.
Hui-Yin Wu, Florent Robert, Théo Fafet, Brice Graulier, Barthelemy Passin-Cauneau, Luciele Sassatelli, Marco Winckler

Engineering the Transition of Interactive CollaborativeSoftware from Cloud Computing to Edge Computing.
Guillaume Ortegat, Donatien Grolaux, Etienne Riviere, Jean Vanderdonckt

QuantumLeap, a Framework for Engineering Gestural User Interfaces based on the Leap Motion Controller.
Arthur Sluÿters, Mehdi Ousmer, Paolo Roselli, Jean Vanderdonckt

What do researchers need when implementing novel interaction techniques?
Thibault Raffaillac, Stéphane Huot

Round 3

BrainEx: Interactive Visual Exploration and Discovery of Sequence Similarity in Brain Signals.
Alicia Howell-Munson, Christopher Micek, Michael Clements, Andrew C Nolan, Jackson Powell, Erin Solovey, Rodica Neamtu

Defining Configurable Virtual Reality Templates for End Users.
Valentino Artizzu, Gianmarco Cherchi, Davide Fara, Vittoria Frau, Riccardo Macis, Luca Pitzalis, Alessandro Tola, Ivan Blecic, Davide Spano

Engineering Annotations: A Generic Framework For Gluing Design Artefacts in Models of Interactive Systems.
Marco Winckler, Philippe Palanque, Jean Luc Hak, Eric Barboni, Olivier Nicolas, Laurent Goncalves

Engineering Operations-based Training.
Célia Martinie, David Navarre, Philippe Palanque, Eric Barboni, Sandra Steere

Essential Expectations of Users of Web Configurators: An Empirical Survey.
Tony Leclercq, Ebrahim Khalil Abbasi, Bruno Dumas, Marie-Ange Remiche, Patrick Heymans

Facilitating Asynchronous Collaboration in Scientific Workflow Composition Using Provenance.
Mostafa AbediniAla, Banani Roy

Formal verification of graphical properties of interactive systems.
Daniel Prun, Pascal Béger

GesFabri: Exploring Affordances and Experience of Textile Interfaces for Gesture-based Interaction.
Mengqi Jiang, Vijayakumar Nanjappan, Hai-Ning Liang, Martijn ten Bhömer

Iterative Mixed Method Approach to B2B SaaS User Personas.
Rachael Boyle

Kart-ON: An Extensible Paper Programming Strategy for Affordable Early Programming Education.
Alpay Sabuncuoğlu, T. Metin Sezgin

Mobile applications for Health and wellness: A Systematic Review.
Alaa AlSlaity, Banuchitra Suruliraj, Oladapo Oyebode, Jonathon Fowles, Rita Orji

Mod2Dash: A Framework for Model-Driven Dashboards Generation.
Liuyue Jiang, Nguyen Khoi Tran, Ali Babar

SnappView, a Software Development Kit for Supporting End-user Mobile Interface Review.
Xavier de Ryckel, Arthur Sluÿters, Jean Vanderdonckt

Contributions published in the Companion Proceedings of the EICS'2022

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SESSION: Keynote Talks

Building Virtual and Augmented Reality Passenger Experiences.
Stephen Brewster

Engineering Interactive Geospatial Visualizations for Cluster-Driven Ultra-high-resolution Wall Displays.
Emmanuel Pietriga

Late Breaking Results

(Semi-)Automatic Computation of User Interface Consistency.
Nicolas Burny, Jean Vanderdonckt

Design and Evaluation of AR-Assisted End-User Robot Path Planning Strategies. Sarah Claudia Krings, Enes Yigitbas, Kai Biermeier, Gregor Engels

Exploring Needs and Design Opportunities for Virtual Reality-based Contour Delineations of Medical Structures.
Chen Chen, Matin Yarmand, Varun Singh, Michael Sherer, James D. Murphy, Yang Zhang, Nadir Weibel

Gestural-Vocal Coordinated Interaction on Large Displays.
Vik Parthiban, Pattie Maes, Quentin Sellier, Arthur Sluÿters, Jean Vanderdonckt.

Interactive Story Box for Children with Cerebral Palsy.
Lechen Wu

Sans Tracas: A Cross-platform Tool for Online EEG Experiments.
Ronit Umeshbhai Desai, Rita Orji, Allison Sekuler, Eugenie Roudaia

Style-Aware Sketch-to-Code Conversion for the Web.
Tommaso Calò, Luigi De Russis

Towards a Domain-Specific Language to Specify Interaction Scenarios for Web-Based Graphical User Interfaces.
Thiago Rocha Silva


Engineering Awareness in Interfaces: Focus on Automation and Visualization.
Juan-Enrique Garrido Navarro, Aaron Quigley, Philippe Palanque, Marco Winckler


Creating Virtual Prototypes of Technical Devices using Vivifly.
Patrick Harms, Dominick Leppich.

Automated usability smell detection in VR application with AutoQUEST.
Patrick Harms and Dominick Leppich.


Engineering Interactive Computing Systems for People with Disabilities.
Kathia M Oliveira, Peter Forbrig, Isabelle Pecci.
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Methods, Tools and Techniques for Trustworthy Autonomous Systems (TAS) Design and Development.
Mohammad Naiseh, Caitlin Bentley, Sarvapali Ramchurn, Elizabeth Williams, Edmond Awad, Christophe Alix.
Further information about this workshop at:

Other types of Contributions

Doctoral Consortium

A Social Robot System for Performance-oriented Long-term Stroke Therapy.
Alexandru Bundea.

Design and Evaluation of RFID-Based Interactive Devices Distributed in Socio-Technical Environments.
Vitor Maia

From Simulation to Reality and Back Again: A Hybrid Approach to Estimate the Compliance of ESM Study Participants to Different ESM Protocols.
Alireza Khanshan.

GEStory: An Atlas for User-Defined Gestures as an Interactive Design Space.
Santiago Villarreal-Narvaez

Mid-air Gesture Recognition by Ultra-Wide Band Radar Echoes.
Arthur Sluÿters.


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