Call for Doctoral Consortium

The EICS’2023 Doctoral Consortium (DC) is intended to bring together PhD students working on foundations, techniques, tools and studies in the Human-Computer Interaction Engineering field. DC provides an opportunity for doctoral students to present their research goals as well as intermediate results, and to discuss them with leading experts in the field as well as with peers.

Students can be in intermediate or advanced stages of their research, but should not have completed their work yet, and should thus still be able to take into account feedback from the DC

The goals of the Doctoral Consortium are to provide PhD students with the opportunity to:

  • Receive constructive feedback and advice on their research,
  • Meet experts with different backgrounds working on topics related to the Human Computer Interaction Engineering field,
  • Interact with other PhD students and exchange ideas and suggestions among participants,
  • Discuss concerns about research, supervision, job market, and other career-related issues,
  • Present their work as a poster at the EICS’2023 conference.

A submission consists of a short paper (from 5 to 6 pages excluding references) following the Springer’s LNCS format (see the format in the Submission Information section), a free-form CV of the PhD candidate and a draft poster.

The submission should not be anonymous and must:

  • identify a significant problem in the field of research,
  • clearly formulate the research question,
  • outline the current status of the problem domain and related solutions (main related works),
  • present clearly (preliminary) ideas, the proposed approach and the results achieved so far,
  • describe the research methodology that is applied or planned,
  • make explicit the current status of the doctoral work (e.g. when research started, how long to reach the end, papers already accepted),
  • outline the expected contributions to the problem domain and highlight their uniqueness.

Each submission will be reviewed by at least two members of the Doctoral Consortium Program Committee. The main evaluation criteria are: relevance, originality, significance, technical soundness, accuracy, and clarity.

Accepted submissions will have the opportunity to present their work in the DC. In addition to the DC chairs, additional leading experts will be invited to the DC to discuss the participants' research. The camera-ready version should be sent after the conference (we will inform the deadline), so that participants have the chance to polish their paper based on the feedback they got from the conference. Revised DC accepted papers will be published in a proceedings that is under negotiation. This will not be automatic and will be arranged in agreement with the authors, for example student and supervisor.

The Gary Marsden Travel Awards (GMTA) program may also be of interest to help covering traveling expenses. For more information about this grant and for applying online, please visit:

Submission Information

Information about the Springer LNCS format can be found here.

Submissions to this track should not be anonymous.

Submissions can be done through (SIGCHI | EICS 2023):

Important dates

17/03/2023 - Submission deadline

21/04/2023 - Notifications of reviews

26/06/2023 – Doctoral consortium

After the conference – Camera ready (post-conference proceedings)

DC chairs

Michael Harrison - Newcastle University, UK

Célia Martinie - Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier, France

Luciana Zaina - Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), Brazil


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