The 10th ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems

19-22 June, 2018 - Paris, France


Technical Sessions

List of all papers to be presented. Detailed schedule available.

PACM-HCI full papers (EICS series), presented at the conference

  • Augmented Reality Supported Modeling of Industrial Systems to Infer Software Configuration
    Matus Tomlein, Kaj Grønbæk
  • Digital Human Models in Human Factors and Ergonomics Evaluation of Gesture Interfaces
    Susanna Aromaa, Nikos Frangakis, Domenico Tedone, Juhani Viitaniemi, Iina Aaltonen
  • XD-AR: Challenges and Opportunities in Cross-Device Augmented Reality Application Development
    Maximilian Speicher, Brian D. Hall, Ao Yu, Bowen Zhang, Haihua Zhang, Janet Nebeling, Michael Nebeling
  • Using TEMPEST: End-User Programming of Web-Based Ecological Momentary Assessment Protocols
    Nikolaos Batalas, Marije aan het Rot, Vassilis-Javed Khan, Panos Markopoulos
  • Web5VR: A Flexible Framework for Integrating Virtual Reality Input and Output Devices on the Web
    Matteo Serpi, Alessandro Carcangiu, Alessio Murru, Lucio Davide Spano
  • 360Anywhere: Mobile Ad-hoc Collaboration in Any Environment using 360 Video and Augmented Reality
    Maximilian Speicher, Jingchen Cao, Ao Yu, Haihua Zhang, Michael Nebeling
  • KAVE: A Kinect Based Open-Source Unity Plugin for CAVE Automatic Virtual Environments with Full Body Interaction
    Afonso Gonçalves, Sergi Bermúdez i Badia
  • The TUIO 2.0 Protocol: An Abstraction Framework for Tangible Interactive Surfaces
    Martin Kaltenbrunner, Florian Echtler
  • Assessing the Cognitive Demand of Assistive Systems at Assembly Workplaces using Electroencephalography
    Thomas Kosch, Markus Funk, Albrecht Schmidt, Lewis L. Chuang
  • Djnn/Smala: a conceptual framework and a language for interaction-oriented programming
    Stéphane Chatty, Stéphane Conversy, Sébastien Leriche, Mathieu Magnaudet, Celia Picard, Daniel Prun
  • G-Gene: A Gene Alignment Method for Online Partial Stroke Gestures Recognition
    Alessandro Carcangiu, Lucio Davide Spano
  • MDE in Support of Visualization Systems Design, a Multi-Staged Approach Tailored for Multiple Roles
    Ivan Logre, Anne-Marie Pinna-Dery
  • Real-Time Anomaly Detection in Elderly Behavior with the Support of Task Models
    Parvaneh Parvin, Stefano Chessa, Marco Manca, Fabio Paternò


  • pix2code: Generating Code from a Graphical User Interface Screenshot
    Tony Beltramelli
  • TOUCAN: An IDE Supporting the Development of Effective Interactive Java Applications
    Célia Martinie, David Navarre, Philippe Palanque, Eric Barboni, Alexandre Canny
  • A Textual Domain Specific Language for Task Models - Generating Code for CoTaL, CTTE, and HAMSTERS
    Peter Forbrig, Anke Dittmar, Mathias Kühn

Late-Breaking Results

  • Method to Define User Interfaces in the Requirements Analysis Phase
    Junko Shirogane, Jose Ignacio Panach, Oscar Pastor
  • Test Stub Generation from Interaction and Behavioural Models
    Judy Bowen, Swikrit Khanal
  • Simulating Interaction Sequences
    Jessica Turner, Judy Bowen, Steve Reeves
  • Modeling and Analysis of Human Memory Load in Multitasking Scenarios
    Giovanna Broccia, Paolo Masci, Paolo Milazzo
  • Combining Design-time Generation of Web-pages with Responsive Design for Improving Low-vision Accessibility
    Thomas Rathfux, Jasmin Thöner, Hermann Kaindl, Roman Popp
  • The MAL Interactors Animator: Supporting model validation through animation
    Jose Creissac Campos, Nuno Sousa
  • Alice: design of a Time-oriented Collaboration Service for Design Teams
    Jesus Munoz-Alcantara, Ruslan Kreymer, Mathias Funk, Panos Markopoulos
  • UP!, Engineering Persuasive Interactive Systems
    Yann Laurillau, Gaelle Calvary, Van Bao Nguyen