The 10th ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems

19-22 June, 2018 - Paris, France


Papers submissions

The EICS papers are published as articles in the Proceedings of the ACM on Human Computer Interaction (EICS series). Upcoming deadlines for papers that can be presented at EICS 2018 are:

  • October 18, 2017 (Decisions December 6)
  • January 10, 2018 (Decisions February 28)
  • March 28, 2018 (Decisions May 16)

Submissions can be done through

More information about the new PACM-HCI (EICS series) review and publication process can be found at

Next Iteration

The Q4 round of PACM EICS reviewing will start in October and wrap up in early-mid December. The due dates for the various phases of the process are as follows

  • Submissions: October 18, 2017
  • Editorial Board bidding: October 20
  • Editorial Board assignments: October 23
  • Reviewer assignments: October 30
  • Reviews: November 20
  • Meta-Reviews and Discussion (Reviews sent out for rebuttal): November 27
  • Rebuttals from Authors: December 1
  • Reviewers Respond to Rebuttals & Discussion: December 8
  • Editorial Board Meeting (virtual): December 11
  • Final Decisions: December 13, 2017

Papers accepted during this iteration are not required to present at EICS 2018, though we hope they will choose to do so!

Due to the quick turnaround from this quarter into the next one (expected submission due date for Q1 2018 is January 10), papers deemed acceptable after this round will move directly into the Sheridan camera-ready process. Any papers deemed nearly acceptable but requiring checks by editorial board members before final acceptance will be required to resubmit to the next round.

Future Iterations

The structure of the EICS model is based on the normal conference review process, except iterated multiple times per year. This is in contrast to a pure journal model, where submissions would be accepted at all times of the year and each paper has its own review process schedule. This means that each iteration of the review process starts at a specific time, all papers (either being new submissions or revisions of previously submitted papers) submitted by the deadline are reviewed simultaneously, and decisions on all papers are made and announced at the same time. The benefit of this structured iteration is that reviewing effort can be planned for by editorial board members and reviewers in advance of submissions arriving, and the progress of papers through the process is easier to track because all papers have the same set of deadlines. This will also make sure the revision process is quick and predictable for authors.


Submission to EICS PACM should present original and mature research work. High-quality, elaborated case studies and practice reports with generalizable findings will also be considered.

Papers should be written in the ACM small format (the linked page may say that PACMHCI uses the large format, but it is incorrect).

There are no length restrictions on papers, nor any limit to the number of references that may be included.

Papers should be anonymized. Primarily, this means that submissions must remove all author and institutional information from the title and header area of the first page of the paper. Author information should also be removed from submitted supplementary materials, in particular, videos. Submissions that do not do so may be rejected without review.

Furthermore, all references must remain intact. If you previously published a paper and your current submission builds on that work, the complete reference with author's name must appear in the references. Authors must refer to their previous work in the third person (e.g., “We build on prior work by Smith et al. [X] but generalize their algorithm to new settings.”) and avoid blank references (e.g., “12. REMOVED FOR REVIEWING”). Further suppression of identity in the body of the paper (for example, in an Acknowledgements section), while encouraged, is left to the authors’ discretion.

Submit your papers at