Entrain, Exploring New Territorial User Interfaces Workshop

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The full-day workshop is aimed towards gathering participants who are concerned by Models and Design Methods for Multi Surfaces User Interfaces especially excited about the opportunity to gather experiences around the territoriality notion. Participants will be invited to submit an extended abstract on topics such as: the use of the concept of territoriality in the context of a distributed or non-distributed interactive application, the use of model definition in interactive applications for a group of users interacting with a set of interactive surfaces to perform their tasks, the use or definition of development methods, rules, guidelines for interfaces on multi-surfaces, case studies to illustrate the problem and proposals for solutions in areas such as games, collaborative design, trips in public places.

We will select up to 20 participants to register for the workshop. The workshop will begin with flash presentations for each submission. We will provide a consistent format for the presentations. After a short break, we will discuss in sub-groups to put the work and the notion of territoriality into perspective. At the end of the day, we will meet to synthesize the results of the groups as a mapping of each proposed models or approaches. We will establish a future research agenda.


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